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Monday, December 7, 2009


Alhamdulillah, finally ummi did register lutfi at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kajang Utama this morning..Since meeting with customer was canceled at KL, then ummi headed direct to the school...really worried since lutfi will be 6 y.o already next year....when reached that school, directly went to the office..and the officer only ask for the original copy of birth cert only..and ummi did ask them whether they need any bill or not...and sad to say that photocopy of birth cert and electric bill will be left in ummi's bag only..hihihihi..enough by writing the house address only in the form...the officer also ask whether ummi bring any envelope for them to send the registration confirmation letter or not but since ummi didn't know about that, so, ummi just gave them RM1 for the envelope and stamp.....

For next year, lutfi will enroll another 1 year at PASTI Kajang Utama...the registration will be in end of December....:)

still thinking for extra Al-Quran class for lutfi....and really hope lutfi to go for that extra class...:)


  1. wa tinggal setahun lagi lutfi dah nak sekolah betul :) tak sangka anak ko dah masuk sekolah dah sue ehehehehe

  2. hehehe...kejap je budak2 ni besar kan tini..nanti2 turn alesha n balqis plaks..hehehe