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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Migration again...

Today, 8am i've reached office for morning shift standby at TMNOC CBJ...around 9am++ just now, hubby called and heard adik balqis normal..adik will crying every morning searching for ummi...hihihi...then nak kena pujuk2..and dukung2...minum susu sket..then baru bleh mandi..but ummi have to layan her and follow all her request..hehehe...if not she will crying and ummi letih nak pujuk...

abg lutfi as usual, pagi2 of course susu sebotol bila bangun..then he will play n request for food la...hopefully today he will not request something yg takde kat umah...

To hubby:
i'm sorry abg..i've to work today..i'll be back as soon as possible after finishing my duty today...thanks coz sudi taken care anak2..jasamu dikenang..:)

That's all the story today..:)


  1. hubby zaman skarang mmg baik kan su...alhamdulillah for they can be relied upon :)

  2. sian ti..takpa..hubby pun tm gakk..pahamm nya kan.., kan, kan...hehe