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Saturday, July 11, 2009

after 2 days..

After 2 days being at office, still cannot complete all the outstanding sad...around 5.30pm++, hubby called me and ajak blk..dah bising mulut ni tak siap2 lagik keje..

normally i've sent my voice report on 15th every month..and this month, i already sent the report by yesterday....such amazing for me..heheh...until got compliment from someone as below:

Excellent. Keep it up...(ada lagik ni..tapi lupa la...igt word tu jek..)

hehe...actually i need to submit the report earlier than before because i'll be not in the office for 1 month ++ starting next monday, 13/7/09....(that's the reason that i reply to him)..hehe

ishhh...tensionnyer..i can't remote to my PC to complete my outstanding work...what to do, need to complete it by next monday la jugak..huhu...

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