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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

~Busy Women~huhu

Just to list down my packed schedule starting this month until august..

Yesterday n today - Final Build review session @ MTM
Wednesday - Book Off (IP Core migration standby)..baru amik sehari ni..ade lagik sehari
Thursday - Friday - at office as usual. need to complete all outstanding tasks before the UAT session (reports for all VOICE services, then claim for the ip core migration standby-since i'm the coordinator)
Monday (13/7/09 - 20/8/09) - engaged with the UAT session for our new system that targeted to be live this October 2009. i'll be missing my office so sad...and for sure need to be more focus to that UAT and at the same time need to cover my BAU task if needed...huhu..i'll try my best to complete the job as required and hopefully my team will call me for any urgent cases that require any urgent attention from me..

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