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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cleanup...oh Cleanup...Frustrated!!!

Aduhla...dah penat rasanya mata dan otak memikirkan nak cleanup item2 dlm system ni...tu belum jadi developer die lagik...sure lagi letih...sian dia....

n now, i feel too sleepy...rase nak pejam mata my running nose n sakit tekak...

back to our discussion yesterday….when come to ‘customer group’ discussion, i'm really frustrated with the decision and finally I’ve concluded that just remove the customer group column from the system since my earlier requirement already catered for another customer mapping issue due to new system unable to provide such function like our previous system….TenSionNyer…I need to sacrifice again….and I have no say since I’m only the ‘kuli’ kan….nobody will hear my of now, I don’t have any idea on how to extract my report. I’ll wait until the system is online and we will see whether it is practical or not….
Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya….Aminnn…;)


  1. hehehhhh....haku baca pon fenin. smoga dipermudahkan urusanmu,AMINNNN.

  2. kak.. sorry tak dpt join meeting semalam.. laaa.. at last nak kuarkan aje ke customer group? Isk isk.. susah gak la camni kan. Cian kat akak..

  3. takper paham..awak tgh busy..tula...tension betui la..heheh..tu yg wat decision camtu...hehehe