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Saturday, April 4, 2009

~Hectic week~

Last week was a really busy n tired week for me since almost my working hours was spent at KL and I really missed my workplace...huhu....

But...i'm not really satisfied because the workshop was not completed as what stated in the workshop objective. It seems everybody forgot about the 'Assrnce' is really unfair for me...i came over from cbj just to discuss about that but in the result....hopefully the organiser will aware about this and they will prepare the requirement for our part...if not, it will be difficult for the operation team to restore the service according to the restoration target set by mgmt...huhu

when back to office..i've to read thru the requirements and rasa muak n pening nak read thru the docs..coz my headache n running nose is getting worse even after almost 1 week on medication...

n again next week also will be a hectic week for kl n meeting..

tadi baru je amik ubat balqis..tetibe bangun tido tadi mata die dah taleh bukak dek tahi mata yg melekatkan kelopak mata die..sian adik balqis....n adik balqis pun susah sgt nak mkn ubat...n skang ni die dah batuk n selsema balik...ubat dah bersusun2...hehehe

pls pray for our healthy...
Semoga Allah kurniakan kesihatan yang baik kepada kami sekeluarga...;)

inilah adik balqis..

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  1. sabar la akak.. biasa sudah, part assurance orang selalu amik remeh. Pastu nak restore, kelam kabut. n get well soon..