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Sunday, April 12, 2009

ipv6 ???

what is ipv6?
i believed my frens out there already know about this..isn't?
this is the course that i've attended last week...
happy because can learn new thing and expand my knowledge eventho need to perform calculation like my student life last time..but...i love it... :)

why is it call ipv6?
ipv4 is our current internet protocol (IP)..
ipv5 used for streaming...
since we need to expand the ip world and ipv4 is almost finish..then, ipv6 was introduced to the world....the calculation was a bit complicated since we need to convert it to hexadecimal...previously when dealing with iv4, we just use decimal n binary but when come to ipv6, hexadecimal is a must...

ipv6 don't have any class like what we have for ipv4....but we still can differentiate the ip using the 'prefix' that located in front of the ip.....
of course ipv6 is longer than ipv4 where we have 128 bits...if compare to ipv4 that only comprises 32 bits...betul ker?...huhu...dah lupe la....sedihnye...inilah akibatnye if the training not much related to ur job scope...not 100% related but 50% yes.....

hmmm...ape lagik ek?
we also learn on how to configure router using ipv6 command...not much different compare to ipv4...betul ker? kakaka...i'm not yet attended router configuration course...maleh ler...coz tak implement sgt in my work...nanti lupe habih... ip arena, at least we have to know basic knowledge kan kawan2....
betul betul betul..ala2 upin n ipin...:P

when back to office, i need to read a lot of emails and need to catch up any outstanding case that need my intervention...then, i need to prepare the monthly report as usual...malasnyer...yg tak bestnyer, my staff plak gi course n tak dpt tlg wat report...huhu....

so, next week is my report week before i'm away for another 2 days so called workshop @ KL again....n tomorrow i've to pakai my co tudung...:)


  1. saya pergi training pasal ipv6 last year. skang dah tak ingat cane nak kira etc. haha. config utk voip router pun ada, last year. sama gak.. mana nak ingat bila dah kerja tak buat in practikal. err.. ok esok sama2 pakai tudung TM! hehe semangat oren!

  2. wahh kak su.dah terrer ipv6 skang. sy pon mengkaji ipv6 kat sini..boooOOOOringggg... =P

  3. waaa....mane ade terrer piya..byk yg daku blur mase training...kakaka....especially bab2 protocol...kekeke....

    lorr..apsal awak boring plaks...tak best ek ipv6? panjang giler kan..sabar yer..:)
    i know u can do it..