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Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 hour ++

what do u expect the story from my title??

is a world record whereby i reach my office about 1 hr ++ on last wednesday....huhu...that's the like i'm on the Jln Tun Razak semut jlnnyer....the journey is from kajang to cyberjaya..normally it only took 20-25 minutes only..coincidently, there are 2 accidents at the same time but in different way....

so, kul 9 le smpi a result, takleh blk on time on that day..but, sokmo blk lewat sket pun...jarang la kuar on time..unless fasting month...:)

talking about fasting month..we have only 3months++ to guys, sape2 yg belum abih ganti puasa tu...hope dpt mula from sekarang....:)..and rindu sgt bulan puasa...byk bezanya ngan bulan2 lain...

1 comment:

  1. aku salah seorang nak qada' posa nihh....hehe.
    pon x sabaq nk tunggu puasa...the feel is totally awesome!