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Monday, May 18, 2009

Exam Week

This week is my exam week. This exam also is my 1st ever exam in mylife...:)

Ummi was so shocked when she saw a letter/memo from my teacher saying that this week is an exam week. Mid year exam. Attached also is the exam schedule and list of surah, doa, hadis that need to remember since there is still exam on lisan part...

Actually abah already know about this news since last week but he forgot to tell ummi..he just put the letter on the dinner table this oh my....if ummi knows about this yesterday, of course ummi will ask me about all those surah, doa and etc...adui la....what ummi is this la...yesterday ummi just ask me to give my school bag to abah to check my homework while ummi is ironing one week nyer baju...and the lovely adik balqis is sleeping...if not adik balqis will help to complete my homework too..hehehe

**me = lutfi

So, it means that ummi need to be more aware in future in avoiding the same scenario to happen again....same kes maklong la ni...not read the memo properly and finally kakak nini need to ware baju yg salah pattern....hahah....mmg kena leter ngan tok la jawabnyer...tok kate 'mak ayah mengaji punya la tinggi, but end up tak bace la sume memo yg cikgu bagi tu..'...hahaha...if ummi tell the story to tok, of course ummi will hear the same sentence again.....huhu

but never mind....
Ummi dan abah doakan lutfi, do your best in ur 1st exam k...Gud luck dear...Hopefully u will pass the exam with flying colours...Amin.... exam besar je kan lutfi....:)

continue the story about my meeting today
---> not really satisfied since there is still no conclusion for both party....we can only come out with 3 proposal that might help fast restoration and of course to satisfy customer..customer was really upset on what they have to face previously during the outage..but, i cannot say much about this since that is the reality..we can't detect where the failure is...might be there is ghost inside the network? who knows...........huhu

Anyway...Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui...


  1. ..kekadang SAHT mcm aku pon bole terlepas pandang, tambah pulak ummi yg bekerja.
    pstt..kalo nk tau memo kt kitchen aku bertempek tempek,qisau miss out hal penting..hi hi

  2. jangan sampai lutfi pura-pura demam dan mahu ponteng sekolah masa exam sudaah.... hehehe **macam anak sedara saya, takmo g sekolah, rupanya ada exam.

  3. zue: aku nyer kitchen takde bertempek memo2 ni..aku main letak ikut suka ati aku jek..hahah..ummi nyer sibuk sgt...kekek

    atul: yer ker atul...takdelah plak die nak ponteng skolah..pagi2 tu mmg le mood die tak baper ok..tapi die ok je mase nak pi skolah tu...hehehe..pandai sungguh yer budak2 kecik ni...panjang akal...:)

  4. gudluck to luthfi... byk lagi exam yang perlu dilalui... chaiyok boys!!!

  5. good luck to lutfi..ada exam bahasa arab sama kan..ada member kat msia pun anak dia tengah exam gak la ni,( PASTI)sama umur ngan lutfi dan iqbal.

    Ti, boleh dak bagi list surah,doa dan hadis yg depa belajar?

  6. ros: thanks untie ros..ummi will make sure that lutfi will read this entry soon..heheh

    mie: nak list tu ek..kami kena wat weekend la kots..sbb nak kena refer buku teks dia...byk jugak depa kena hafal kan...doa2 tu byk dah lepas la..cuma part hadis tu die tak baper reti sgt..sbb jarang bace tak igt sgt la..heheh..
    if kami lupe, mie tlg igtkan yer....
    mmg exam tuk sume PASTI semalaysia...