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Sunday, June 14, 2009

::On Duty::

I'm on duty today..Sunday is my rest day actually..huhu..but, i'll take another day for my rest day..:)

Sad story today is that i can't remote to my PC upstairs as usual..Tension beb...assuming that my pc might be restart on its own...but...after a few investigation done, found that i can't on my pc even after change the power socket..might be power module of the CPU problem...oh no!!...tomorrow i've to complete my monthly report and send it to all my team..Furthermore, i've ask my staff to prepare the report during his shift last night so that i'll verify the report during my shift today....but...i'can't even enter my pc now....Tensionnyer....huhuhu

What to do...already sms to SA team just now..just to make sure that they will check my PC ugently by tomorrow morning...hopefully i can complete my report as expected. if not, i'm so sorry for the delay of the report submition.

So, now is my free time..maybe i can read buku Atul..:)

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