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Thursday, June 11, 2009


I've to work this weekend for the migration work...hopefully everything went smooth during the migration and not so much work that we need to do during standby...

i'm the 1st person will start the shift standby team starting 3pm-12pm, my working time will be from 8.30am until 12pm...againts the law..huhu..but nevermind, i'll take that replacement leave some other time...

basically, i'm already understand what is the basic job that need to be done during the standby...after 2 briefing sessions held just for this migration..hopefully my team also aware and pls do contact me if u need further clarification....the important person is lia..hehe..since she will be working during the migration window...hope everything goes fine yer lia..:) hope lia can come around 11++pm, so that will go back a little bit early that night...hehe

my next shift will be sunday, 8am until rest day for me this weekend...huhu...

hopefully Allah will give me strength....Amin..:)


  1. kalo ikut 1st briefing dulu depa kata very minimal svc interruption kan. In fact user maybe takkan notice pon rasanyer..

  2. hopefully gitu la..that one if tade ape2 happen and everything is ok la kan...if something wrong somewhere, tang tu la problem nyer...mase briefing tadi, gm Xnoc pun ade..mmg very detail n cam byk keje nak kena check..hehehe..

    semlm ade 2nd briefing psl ni..mmg lagi detail la bak kate gm Xnoc la if compare to 1st briefing..

  3. kekeke..ok kak su..nnti sy dtg awal sket erk..hee..kak su takut erk nk balik tgh2 mlm..hehe.. tu la..mintak2 xde pa per problem..tgh2 malam tuh jgn la ade pa per..nnti kalut je..hee..

  4. alahai..tabahkan diri mu kak

  5. lia: takut gak le nak balik memlm ni..hehe..if kul 10 tu ok lg dah kul 12..eheheh...

    farra: thanks..:)

  6. kesiannya kat Ti, kena stanby ...jaga diri baik-baik..
    lama ka abah dan mama kat sana?